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This web site makes use of cookies (including third parties) to enhance the experience of the user’s navigation. Cookies, in fact, allow all visitors to access the site’s online services and to display advertisements in line with their preferences.
The cookies on this site fall under the categories “Cookie Technicians” and “third-party profiling Cookie”.
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What are cookies

Cookies are small text files, which contain basic information about a user’s browsing and that is automatically sent by a server (such as this site) to the user’s Internet browser itself. The latter shall then stored on the user’s PC and sent to the server each time the user returns to the site.

Manage Cookies

Technical cookies

• Needed to operate the site.
They are those which play an important part and essential for the proper functioning of the website. They serve, for example, to keep always connected a user while surfing, without forcing him to connect multiple times when accessing new pages.
• Preferences saved
Store all user preferences expressed during navigation. The simplest example is that of the preferred language.
• Audience measurement statistics
Collect, in anonymous and aggregate form, the navigation data of users accessing a site. They provide very useful information about the most visited pages and sections, residence times and any problems. In short, it is essential to improve the performance of a site.

Third-party profiling cookies

In our website we make use of different vendors, which can, in turn, use cookies for the proper functioning of their services. These cookies are, therefore, installed on external sites and are defined third party.
If you want to disable or enable external companies working with website operators to gather information for advertising purposes, you can visit this page: You will also find useful information on commercial advertising.